About Cave

Russell Industrial Center

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Cave is a 1500 sq ft. exhibition space located on the third floor in building four within the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit, MI. Seven artists established it in the fall of 2007. The gallery space is part of a larger unit (4500 sq ft. containing seven studios, a small workshop, storage, and office/lounge). From its inception, Cave has persistently evolved as an alternative space that offers challenging and stimulating exhibitions, video film nights, along with other events for the public.

Initially, Cave was founded to provide working studio space for artists. However, after taking stock of the amount of space allotted to the seven artists, we realized there was ample space in which to build a showing/event room as well. Likewise, we feel the Detroit art scene has ample space in which to explore and help sustain a dialogue about art that is relevant beyond local borders.

hours of operation:
By appointment only.

For additional information, please feel free to send an email to info@cavedetroit.com