October 11th- October 25th 2008
Helt plötsligt är vi här:

Galleri60e visits Cave

Cave presents the opening of a special exhibition on Saturday, October 11, organized by Swedish artists and founders of Galleryi60e, Frida Krohn and Ylva Trapp. Helt plötsligt är vi här translated in English means "Suddenly, we are here." This exhibition finds itself in many peculiar situations and occurances, stimulating curiosity amidst both presentation and place, redefining curation and intention.

“In our yellow suitcase we brought pieces from 21 Swedish artists. The art is light weighted, small and fantastic. Now we will exhibit in Detroit!

Galleri60e is a nomadic gallery, without any permanent location. The exhibition space is recognized and defined by the gallery-tape. Our home is the northern part of Sweden, the Academy of Fine Arts in Umeå. Now we came all the way to America to show these small masterpieces to you! Welcome!”

Participating artist:

Camilla Påhlsson
Elin Elfström
Emma Pettersson
Erik Nilsson
Fanny Carinasdotter
Ingrid Ogenstedt
Jenny Åkerlund
Johanna Hästö
Julia Selin
Karin Meissner
Linus Svensson
Matti Sumari
Mattias Ericssons
Nils-Johan Sjöqvists
Per-Arne Sträng
Rasmus West
Sara Alfredsson
Sofia Karlström
Thomas Olsson

The opening reception is on October 11th at 2:00pm-8:00pm and the exhibition will run from October 11 to October 25th.